St Ives Bay Siren Call

Stand still. Look around. Dive in.
Imagine a fresh approach to holiday homes. Welcome to Una St Ives. 

The beat of the waves. The startling light. The blur of sea and sky. The welcome glow through salty windows. St Ives Bay has called creatives, life-lovers and likeminds for generations. Many have been. Fewer have managed to leave.

At Una St Ives, we heard the call too. It rallied us together, rooted our vision and shaped our thinking. It inspired us to imagine a new way. A different picture of how holiday homes in Cornwall should be.

Built from those halcyon days we all cling to, we’ve created a managed site of property for sale St Ives style – capturing the spirit of salt-caked skin and windswept skies. This is all about the irresistible memories that remain long after you’ve said goodbye.

And it’s yours for the taking. A short walk away from the sweep of St Ives Bay and moments from the harbour, Una St Ives puts woodland, fields, cobbles, fishing nets and wet sand at your feet.

From clusters of holiday homes designed for contemporary coastal living, to facilities designed with you in mind, you’ll find Cornwall, in all its glory, captured here.

Cornwall, your way. Where you feel at home and looked after, all at once. Where you’re a part of a likeminded community of friends; people who bring a smile to your face each time you pull up outside. Where you relish every moment and make memories that last until you return.

And where you don’t have to think about anything else. Other than if you’ll catch the sunset. Or whether the wine’s chilled yet. Or if you’ll remember how to stand up on a wave. Or how to spend your holiday home rental income.

We think you’ll like it here.

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