Within Your Reach

Escape. Chase adventure. Pursue the outdoors. Take it all in. Come back to life.

Smiles widen across wind-blown cheeks. Evening tales of cliff paths conquered, waves tackled. Winding cobbles wandered. And a new beach discovered each day.

The clear waters of Carbis Bay beach are a short walk, while St Ives’ winding lanes and white sands are just a five minute drive. Whether it’s a morning run across the sands or rallying the family to explore cobbled alleyways, we’ve distilled the best of what’s on the doorstep of your St Ives holiday home.

on your doorstep


Storm Watching

Monstrous waves explode against scoured granite. The wind howls around your ears. Whether you’re watching from towering cliffs or hiding behind salty windows, storm watching gives winter wanderings a wilder edge.


Pier Jumping

Smeaton’s steps taken two at a time. Seawater drips from goosebumps. A deep breath, a step back: run, jump, splash. Whether you’re ten years old or old enough to know better, leaping off the pier into St Ives harbour is something you’ll never forget.



Muddy fingernails, buckets teeming with hedgerow fodder and shoreline treasures. Seek out the best of sea and land with Una St Ives' foraging experts guiding you. Dig deep, discover more and bring a different kind of dinner to the table.



Line slack, limpets tied on tight. The wait begins. Leave the kids entranced as you lean back, book in hand, and wile away the afternoon, until snapping claws rise from murky depths and the excitement begins.


Dawn Sessions

Quiet steps through the dark house. Wetsuits zipped, boards waxed. Wading out through the whitewater then floating out back as the sun creeps over the horizon. Watching dawn break in the water is worth every bleary-eyed second.


Spear Fishing

Scallops skim and dive, sea bass dart from view. Quick hands are called for if there’s any hope of a fresh fish supper. Spear fishing takes you under the surface for a fishing experience like no other.