Get into the Spirit

Miles of golden beaches…surf crashing…holiday buzz in the warm air…forget Brazil, we were actually talking about Cornwall...

To celebrate the start of the World Cup in Brazil we would like to share a recipe of the Brazilian national cocktail – the utterly tropical Caipirinha. Pronounced ‘Ky-pee-ree-nyah’, this cocktail is incredibly simple to make and will be popular with guests at your BBQ this weekend.

Serves One

Half a fresh lime
2-3 tsp golden caster sugar (or to taste)
Crushed ice
50ml Cachaca

Slice the half of the lime into smaller slices and add to a study short glass. Add the sugar (as much as you would like) and muddle the lime and sugar together, using a cocktail muddler. This will release the juice from the lime and mix with the sugar to create a sinfully sweet juice. Fill the glass with two thirds of the crushed ice and add the Cachaca. Using a spoon, churn the ingredients together, so it has been well mixed. Garnish with another slice of lime to serve.

This famous cocktail can also be made with white caster sugar, if you prefer the taste.

Having one of these in the garden on a typically warm Cornish summer day…nothing beats it.

(Let’s hope the same can be said for the English football team!)

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